Gary, the You're Perfect Studio Mascot

You re perfect studio ypslogo x2000

Like You’re Perfect Studio, Gary has come quite a long way since we started.

You re perfect studio uladybug draft 1

The initial concept came while Catherine was bouncing ideas off of Yeti, one of our early contributors. She remembered Katrina’s love of ladybugs and the idea of an off-colored ladybug giving itself a motivational speech in the mirror came to mind.

You re perfect studio ladybug draft 2

Building on this, Catherine iterated on the ladybug a couple more times (but still in MS Paint)…

You re perfect studio logo1 color

This was the first publically posted version and was our logo for the first month or so.

You re perfect studio unknown 2 big

Eventually, Yeti recruited Meireille to help with our studio and Catherine’s first task for her was reworking this early logo.

Her first iterations stuck close to Catherine’s original designs…

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But we all felt it was a little to creepy – a little too bug-like and we wanted something cuter and more cartoon-like. Sleekdigital, a longtime contributor to our projects, then shared this wonderful cake design from Betty Crocker

You re perfect studio ypslogo x2000 cropped

Meireille suggested making some different colors, but after sketching out our beautiful blue lady it was apparent we need look no further.

Gary, the You're Perfect Studio Mascot

Here chronicles the story of Gary – one that I think is important to revist when working to create something new as part of a group, so many people played a small role in Gary’s conceptualization – and of course she would not be the beauty that she is without Meireille’s vision and execution!

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