Art Digitization

Whatever media you work with, You're Perfect Studio is able to create a high-quality digital representation that retains the details and subtleties of the original.

Paintings, Illustrations, and Photographs

  • Scans up to 4800dpi ensure that every brush stroke, and even the grain of the paper are captured.
  • We are able to create scans of any size artwork.
  • Our 2D art scanning rates are highly affordable and flexible - including discounts for multiple works and day rates.
  • More info and book a free consultation here

Logos, Signs, and Business Cards

  • We are able to convert your hand-drawn or painted logo, business card, or sign design into Scalable Vector Format (SVG) - the format preferred by graphic design printers. SVG allows your work to be scaled to any size without losing detail or getting blurry/pixelated.
  • Our artists will re-create your design from scratch using Inkscape.
  • We provide you with the original SVG and exported PNG/JPEG files.
  • You retain full ownership of the created files - we do not add royalty, or attribution requirements.

Sculpture, Pottery, Metalwork, Architecture and other 3D Works

  • Professional photographs of your work
  • Photos are digitally developed to ensure color and lighting accuracy
  • We provide you with both the developed and RAW files
  • We can turn your work into a 3D computer model using a combination of Photogrammetry and/or hand-modeling from scratch.
  • More info and book a free consultation here

Architectural Visualization

  • Our 3D artists and developers can create interactive 3D environments based on existing or planned structures.
  • We create a bespoke application specifically for your property and hand-model everything from scratch.
  • For existing structures, we hand-measure all aspects of the structure using highly accurate laser measurement tools.
  • Optionally, light-switches, ceiling fans, and even appliances can be functional within the immersive application.
  • We use geocoordinates and orientation to provide accurate sunlight with adjustable dates, so you can see how property looks no matter the time of day or season.
  • You retain full ownership of the created files - we do not add royalty, or attribution requirements.

Artist Management Services

You're Perfect Studio is able to provide a wide array of services to artists that wish to spend more time focusing on their art and less time in meetings and social media.

All You're Perfect Studio artist management services are non-exclusive and no-obligation. You are free to work with clients on your own and even work with other management agencies.

Management Services include

  • Online portfolio management - we can help manage your ArtStation, DeviantArt, Behance, 500px, and custom portfolio websites.
  • Digitization and Prints - You're Perfect Studio can digitize and market your works on a commission basis, setting you up to sell both originals and prints online through multiple outlets.
  • Products - in addition to art prints, our artists can help you get your design onto everything from t-shirts and shoes to guitar picks and skateboards.
  • Social media - we can help make posts about new artwork, events, gallery shows, etc. and respond to inquiries on your behalf. You still retain full access to your accounts.
  • Contract templates and customization - especially for large and/or collaborative works having a contract with your clients can show professionalism and ensure everyone knows exactly what to expect. We can help with contracts for everything from small commission jobs to huge multi-year, multi-artist collaborations.
  • Meeting representation - our Executive Director, Katrina Niolet, can represent you during meetings, conference calls, and contract negotiations. Freeing your time and helping ensure you receive mutually fair contract terms.
  • Billing services - we can invoice your clients and process payment in virtually every form. Credit cards, checks, CashApp, Venmo, etc. are all no problem. We then forward payment to you via your preferred method.
  • Niche/grassroots marketing - You're Perfect Studio participates in a lot of small, online art communities in which to promote your works and events.

Prints and Products

  • Fine art prints of your work, both locally sourced and print-on-demand over the internet. Locally sourced options starting at $1/print.
  • Combine with our Artist Management services and we can maintain a website for your, so your clients can order print-on-demand prints anytime, worldwide without any action needed on your part.
  • Most prints are available as 300dpi giclée. Letter-size or smaller are also available in 1200dpi laser.
  • Enlargements and prints up to 36x24 inches on fine art paper, cardstock, or canvas.
  • Framing, matting, and bagging services available.
  • Combine this service with our Art Digitization services if you do not already have high-quality digital versions of your artwork.
  • We can fit your design onto a huge variety of products through our existing partnerships with Redbubble, Zazzle, Saatchi Art, Printify, Design By Humans, and others - either on our Studio accounts or through your own self-managed account.
  • Product pictured above is by You're Perfect Studio artist Twofaced Harley, available at


Artist Training Classes

Dr. Said Bouftass

  • Founder of the field of Phenomorphology - combining phenomenology (philosophical study of how things appear) with morphology  (study of the biological forms and structure of organisms).
  • Professor of human morphology at fine arts and medical universities in Paris and Morocco, now based in Oxford, Mississippi.
  • Dr. Bouftass has exhibited his paintings and sculptures in Paris, Morocco, and New York and has authored three books on the subject of human morphology.
  • 2-14 day onsite training classes available, anywhere in the USA, for companies, universities, art teacher conferences, and other groups.
  • This is a foundational class, and the lessons apply to all media - from sketching, to painting, to sculpting and 3D computer modelling.
  • Testimonials

Katrina Niolet

  • 15 years experience developing computer software, 5 years experience in software and artist company management.
  • Has given programming classes for professional developers at a number of Fortune 500 companies and small companies, alike.
  • Programming and Game Development classes for beginners - using the Godot, Unity, and Unreal game engines.
  • 1-day classes giving an overview of digital art and game development tools, demonstrating processes for digitizing traditional art, formal estimation and legal procedures for large projects, and artwork licensing models.